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Hire a ASP Programmer

This is for you if you are an Individual who need Custom Web Development services to your own self and now all you need is well defined and documented project specification and all you need is someone to code that into existence.

AllQuickFix provides a unique service where you do not have to pay on project on hourly basis. Instead you Dedicated Offshore Resource who works for you for a fixed period of time. It’s like hiring a programmer for a fixed number of Hours (say 8), to be estimated by you, getting your application programmed and then having the freedom to forget about him once the job is done.

What do you get?

You get a programmer who is going to work for you 8 Hrs a day and he will follow your instructions during this time period. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the technical abilities and coding style of the web developer as we follow a very stringent recruitment process and your work gets done by our full time employees only. The main benefit that we provide is lowest cost outsourcing that is possible. See our rates below:

The hourly billing rates are $15/hr and we ensure a minimum of 8 Hrs of development per day. Below are our rates for dedicated hiring:

Rates for Hiring a ASP Web Developer

Hour Purchased

Cost of hiring

1 Day / 8 Hours
** 1 Hour of Project Management / Discussion is Included free with this package
1 Week / Nearly 50 Hours
** 8 Hour of Project Management / Discussion is Included free with this package
1 Month / Nearly 225 Hours
** 15 Hour of Project Management / Discussion is Included free with this package

Note: All data for one developer only

What are the criteria?

You need to have the following in order to choose this service:

  • Documented project specification
  • An e-mail account, chat account or phone number in order to communicate
  • A realistic estimation of what time your project going to take
  • What do we provide you?

    This programmer works on our premises and we ensure the following:

  • 8 Hrs a day of Custom Web Development, we happily provide more hours if possible
  • The developer works using our hardware and software infrastructure
  • Daily update regarding the development progress
  • Administrative overview of the project
  • A healthy work environment where your developer solves problems faster by mutual collaboration
  • 24 Hr replacement of the developer if he is unable to work due to any reason
  • What other advantages do you get?

    All programmers have atleast 3 years of experience in Custom Web Development
    Privacy and Confidentiality
    Willingness to sign a NDA. No discussion with any outsider
    Reseller Rights
    We have no objection in case you resell the application to a 3rd Party
    We will have a dedicated team working on your project on a full time basis
    Range of Service
    You can hire dedicated programmes in ASP, PHP, PERL and .NET
    All pricings are fixed and any escalation will be discussed in advance
    By Phone, E-mail and Chat. All e-mails answered in less than 24 hours
    Source Code Ownership
    All the source codes of the project will belong to you
    We are commited to see you succesful in your business
    Programmers can be added or removed at a 10 days of prior notice
    We provide a 30 days warranty on the application done by the developer

    Interested? Buy the Service now . Your immediate Project manager will contact you in less than 24 Hrs

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    Our Benefits

  • 100% in-house development
  • Direct access to real developers
  • 90 days warranty on projects
  • 24 hours response time
  • Reach us by phone/email/chat
  • You own the source code
  • Your information is safe
  • Ethics drives our business
  • Best prices to save your money
  • You work with the specialists
  • FREE quote within 24 hrs
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